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Can Team Building events adapt?

Do you remember team building events?

Heading off for a workshop together?


It usually rained, there was always a challenge that involved scrambling through mud and an exercise in working together that usually produced mixed results and involved spaghetti… that may have just been my experience

The whole point was to give shared experiences that could then be collectively commented on and generally re-lived either at a bar (my favourite type of team building event) or the coffee machine over the next few weeks/months.


These shared experiences create connections.

A bond with your fellow participants the goes beyond work.

This creates an environment where people work closer together.


Most people are now working from home and the likelihood is that many won’t be returning to the same office environment.

Going forward, many companies are looking to adopt a flexible working environment with part time in the office or even full time from home.


So how do you get that ‘shared experience’ in this new way of working?


With teams unable to come together in person an excellent idea is to have a remote team event.

Many companies are choosing to have a day of workshops involving different experiences.

While some companies are adopting the ‘Lunch and Learn’ approach with several hour-long experiences spread throughout the year.

Experiences from singing to art and everything in between!

The principle is the same –

  • Everyone has the same starting materials whether that’s their voice or and art kit.
  • Everyone interacts and creates a song or piece of art.
  • You can even have an evening gin tasting!


Can team building events adapt?


In fact, I would go so far as to say they are now even more important…

Never underestimate the power of a motivated team!

Interested in a teambuilding experience?

I can provide art workshops and also point you in the direction of other amazing people who can offer all sorts of team building fun!

Contact me for more information.

Do what you love and be kind to yourself.

Su x

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